How to use STPK

By calling any subroutines and functions, which are included in the STPK library, in your Fortran 90 source codes you can use the library.

See the library documentation PDF to get the information (the behavior and use) for each subroutine and function in the library.

Run the fortran compiler such as the following, when you compile your program including the library.

$ ${FC} -I${INCPATH} ${SOURCE} -L${LDPATH} -lstpk

FC      : fortran compiler
SOURCE  : fortran source code (*.f90)
INCPATH : the directory path including the module files in the library (*.mod)
LDPATH  : the directory path including the library file (*.a)

ex. (FC=ifort, INCPATH=/usr/local/include, LDPATH=/usr/local/lib)

$ ifort -I/usr/local/include test.f90 -L/usr/local/lib -lstpk

[NOTE] : You must use the compiler program which built the library when you make the program including the library.

[sample] In the directory which you extracted, there is "demo/" directory.

The demo directory includes some example programs using some routines and functions in the library.