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GPhys -- a multi-purpose class to handle Gridded Physical quantities

by T Horinouchi, S Nishizawa, S Takehiro, S Otsuka, R Mizuta, D Tsukahara, M Horikawa, T Koshiro, E Nishimoto

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Installation with pacakges

See this page

Installation without using packages (raw installation)

The following libraries are required to use GPhys: The following libraries are recommended to use GPhys: The following is used if installed and explicitly specified on runtime, but the present version (0.2.0) is not recommended unless NEEDED (i.e., to read GRIB2 files). Otherwise, please wait a new version. If you have installed these libraries, to install GPhys is quite easy:
% tar xvzf gphys-version.tar.gz
% cd gphys-version
% ruby extconf.rb
% make
% sudo make install
% sudo ruby install.rb

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